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Issues with Specific Packages

Binary Distribution

Package Distro(s) Symptom Cause Solution
ethereal-0.10.9-11 Fink-0.7.2 binary distro Fails to run (warning about missing gdk-pixbuf.loaders file) Outdated binary package list 1. run apt-get update to update your package list
2. run apt-get upgrade to install new ethereal-00.10.12-11 package
Fink-0.8.0 binary distro Missing dependency on gtk+2 install gtk+2
etherape-0.9.1-1 Fink-0.7.2 binary distro missing executable Didn't get filtered out because builds continue even when executable doesn't link. Install from source
Fink-0.8.0 binary distro

Source Distribution

Package OS + tree Symptom Cause Solution
kdelibs3-3.4.3-x 10.3/unstable and 10.4/unstable Fails during apidox generation doxygen-1.4 is flaky? downgrade via fink install doxygen-1.3.4-4
xorg and xfree86 10.4 intel fc-cache fails after compile, possibly causing dpkg-lockwait to fail bindist packages are built using Apple's X11 and there are some incompatibilities with xorg and xfree86 No known non-voodoo fixes.

Nested functions issue from XCode 2.2 (gcc-4.0.1)

error: nested functions are not supported on MacOSX

see also package breakage

  • jpilot-ssl | jpilot Fixed! (but 0.99.8 [in my experimental] has a legitimate nested function--Alexkhansen 15:10, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)) --now fixed --Alexkhansen 13:40, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)
  • scipy-py Builds with gcc3.3
  • php5*-5.0.4-23: Doesn't report as such an error at the top level Builds with gcc3.3
  • castle-combat
  • gkrellm2
  • gnokii2
  • mindless
  • open-cobol
  • xdigger
  • xrmap

Other XCode 2.2 Failure modes

  • vim-6.3-6 | vim-nox-6.3-5: Reported to hang on a dual proceesor machine during generation of "help tags", while on single processor machines a malloc error is reported and the build continues. Fixed in vim-6.3-7 | vim-6.3-6


openldap23-2.3.27-10 needs a BuildDepend on db44 | db44-aes


Can we move fontconfig2-dev (-shlibs) 2.3.2-13 to stable?