Fink:Roadmap:0.26 new features

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  • Obsoletes support
  • Enable more than one Notify plugin at once
  • Type: -64bit, %lib, and %type_num[] (for building 64bit libs in parallel with 32bit libs)
  • new Distribution: field, which behaves like the Architecture: field
  • Change allowed filenames for .info file, to: invariant packagename, optionally followed by archname, optionally follwed by distribution, and finally optionally followed by either version or version-revision, each delimited by hyphens.
  • fink configure now allows to enable/disable the unstable tree
  • --dpkg-status and --all modes for fink cleanup
  • --tests mode to utilize InfoTest blocks
    • on Errors are fatal
    • warn Errors turn to warnings
  • --validate mode that causes packages to be validated
    • on Errors are fatal
    • warn Errors turn to warning
  • Info4 (added in 0.26.2)