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cleanup [mode(s) and options]

Removes obsolete and temporary files. This can reclaim large amounts of disk space. One or more modes must be specified:

Delete .deb files (compiled binary package archives) corresponding to versions of packages that are neither described by a package description (.info) file in the currently-active trees nor presently installed.
--sources, --srcs
Delete sources (tarballs, etc.) that are not used by any package description (.info) file in the currently-active trees.
--buildlocks, --bl
Delete stale buildlock packages.
Remove entries for packages that are not installed from the dpkg "status" database.

In addition, the following options may be used:

-k, --keep-src
Move old source files to /sw/src/old/ instead of deleting them.
-d, --dry-run
Print the names of the files that would be deleted, but do not actually delete them.
-h, --help
Show the modes and options which are available.