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Fink:CVS Project Service
Purpose Store parts of the project's source code (in particular, the "dists" module contains all Fink package).
Maintainer(s) TODO

Many different portions of the fink project use the fink CVS repository to store files which are maintained by the fink developers and package maintainers. There are several basic levels of commit access to the repository: access can be granted to the website area (web, scripts/installer, fink), to the entire scripts module, and to the basic code areas (website area as well as base-files, mirrors, dists, packages).

Here are the top-level headers in the CVS repository, together with a description of what they are used for.

  • 3rdparty: imports of CVS trees from external projects which the fink project plans to modify locally
  • CVSROOT: access control to the CVS repository, maintained by the fink Core group
  • base-files: files for the "base-files" package, a part of fink
  • dists: package descriptions for every distribution starting with 10.2
  • dlcompat: old files for the "dlcompat" library (libdl), which was moved out of fink and into its own fink package (and later became obsolete with the 10.3 distribution)
  • experimental: package maintainers and other coders are invited to use a per-person directory here to make experimental versions of fink materials available for testing
  • fink: files for the "fink" package (the 'fink' package manager programs)
  • fink/mirror: files for the "fink-mirrors" package, a part of fink
  • fink-maintainertools: work in progress for a package of utilities for package maintainers
  • fink-prebinding: files for the "fink-prebinding" program, which has become obsolete with the 10.4 distribution
  • fix-fink: files for the "fix-fink" program, an obsolete program which was used to correct some problems with fink installations during 2002 and 2003
  • mirrors: obsolete (former location of the lists of mirrors used by fink)
  • packages: package descriptions for the 10.1 distribution
  • scripts/10.4-update: a script for updating a 10.3 or 10.4-transitional fink installation to 10.4, along with 12 MB of .deb files used in the update
  • scripts/bindist: scripts for creating the binary files, used by fink's UseBinaryFiles mode, as well as available from the Archive Browser; also the scripts used to create the Archive Browser
  • scripts/buildfink: scripts for an automated build of fink packages
  • scripts/disfiles: script for automated mirroring of source tarballs
  • scripts/installer: scripts to build the installer package which lets users install fink without compiling anything
  • scripts/pdb: scripts used to create and update the package database
  • scripts/selfupdate-server: scripts used by the selfupdate server
  • scripts/srcdist: scripts used in conjunction with the SourceForge file release system to release the programs fink, fink-mirrors, fink-prebinding, base-files; also to release tarballs of packages to accompany each binary distribution
  • scripts/xfree86: very obsolete utility for getting snapshot of xfree86 development cvs
  • shared-libraries: work in progress on implementing an automated detection of shared library dependencies (pretty much obsolete)
  • web: files for the website (some generated from web/xml, some manually edited here)
  • web/xml: basic location of the files that one actually edits to change the website (see web/xml/README for an explanation)

There are also some virtual CVS modules:

  • xml: the thing to check out for modifying the website (contains web, scripts, and fink)
  • website: the thing to check out for the website contents only

Using CVS: This example downloads a copy of [checks out] the xml tree:

cvs co xml