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The download statistics at may not be fully reliable, but they are the best measure we have of how many people might be using fink. Files other than the installer files are mirrored other places, so the Sourceforge statistics are misleading. But we will attempt to keep track of Sourceforge downloads of installer files.

For any currently downloadable file, the current download count is available on the Files page at But for formerly available files, we need to record the final download count here.


Fink-0.8.1-Intel-Installer.dmg is still available. (MD5 = 38c5837f8beb1ea96a04f9ca1ceba800; see Security)

Fink-0.8.1-PowerPC-Installer.dmg is still available.

Fink-0.8.0-Installer.dmg was downloaded 272907 times.


Fink-0.7.2-Installer.dmg is still available.

Fink-0.7.1-Installer.dmg was downloaded 216556 times.

Fink-0.7.0-Installer.dmg was downloaded 131165 times.


Fink-0.6.4-Installer.dmg is still available.

Fink-0.6.3-Installer.dmg was downloaded 37077 times.

Fink-0.6.2-Installer.dmg was downloaded 102211 + 37132 times (the file was listed twice on the sourceforge page).

Fink-0.6.1-Installer.dmg was downloaded 25403 times.

Fink-0.5.3-Installer.dmg was downloaded 57596 times.

Fink-0.5.2-Installer.dmg was downloaded 33665 times.

Fink-0.5.1-Installer.dmg was downloaded 70330 times.

Fink-0.5.0a-Installer.dmg was downloaded 41410 times.


Fink-0.4.0-Installer.dmg is still available.

fink-0.3.2a-installer.dmg.gz was downloaded 90804 times.

fink-0.3.1-installer.dmg.gz was downloaded 24337 times.

fink-0.3.0-installer.dmg.gz was downloaded 23158 times.