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Our submission system often results in submitted packages languishing on the tracker, and submitters who just sit around waiting and never become full developers. To accelerate the new maintainer process, we'd like to experiment with a mentor system.

Package submitters can add themselves to the list to indicate that they'd like to find a mentor. Then existing developers can add their name next to someone who they'd like to mentor, and get in contact with the mentee via email or the submission tracker.

Here's a link to the submission tracker for convenience. And here's an example entry in the mentoring list:

  1. John Doe (jdoe499) [10.3,10.4] - Bob Developer (bob123) [10.4]

Each entry should include the SourceForge username for each person. It should also include the platforms that each person has available to them, so mentors can test their mentee's packages.

The list

  1. Philip Lamb (philip_lamb) [10.4] - Alexander Hansen (alexkhansen) [10.3, 10.4]
  2. Kevin Horton (rv8) [10.4] -Bill Scott (wgscott) [10.4]
  3. Neil Tiffin (ntiffin) [10.4] - Max Horn (fingolfin) [10.4]
  4. Trevor Harmon (vocaro) [10.4]
  5. Andrea Riciputi (ariciputi) [10.4]
  6. Matthias Ringwald (freckle) [10.4]
  7. Lars Eggert (larse) [10.4]
  8. Andreas Gockel (gecko2) [10.5/ppc, 10.5/i386]