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Work in Progress

Fink Policy to govern conduct


  1. Fink community members will conform to all relevant national and international laws.
  2. Fink community members will behave ethically and will not do anything which might damage the reputation of Fink or the Fink Developer Network.
    1. There will be no discussion of material that is currently under a non-disclosure agreement in a public forum. The [| fink-seed ] mailing list exists to allow such discussion to occur.
    2. As a Fink seed holder you shall not disclose or authorize to be disclosed, or use for personal gain or to benefit a third party, confidential information except with the permission of your relevant authority, or at the direction of a court of law.
  3. The cooperation of any Fink community member is voluntary and must be based on adequate, and not misleading, information about the general purpose and nature of Fink when their agreement to participate is being obtained and all such statements must be honoured.
  4. The rights of Fink community members as private individuals will be respected by anyone involved with Fink especially those involved with the Fink Developer Board.
  5. Fink community members will ensure that projects and activities are designed, carried out, reported and documented accurately, transparently, objectively and to appropriate quality.


  1. You shall conduct your activities within the Fink community without discrimination against other members or project admins.
  Grounds of discrimination include race, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation
  All colleagues have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  You should adhere to relevant law within the jurisdiction where you are working and, if appropriate, 
  the European Convention on Human Rights.
  You are encouraged to promote equal access to the benefits of Fink by all groups in society, and to avoid and
  reduce 'social exclusion' from Fink wherever opportunities arise.