Fink:Roadmap:0.25 new features:Incremental indexing

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What is it?

Lets Fink read only new .info files instead of all of them. Also lets Fink load just the part of the package DB that it needs.

Testing it

  • parameters
    • index (write only) or other load (read/write)
    • root or non-root
    • different versions of fink
    • with/without autoindex
    • full or partial or proxy run
  • race conditions
    • run multiple finks at once
  • exceptional cases
    • rsync: files updated to earlier mtime than last index
    • FinkCommander: needs whole DB, caching
    • forget and re-load
  • missing stuff and dealing with it
    • index.db
    • proxies.db
    • finkinfo dir, or files within
  • package has
    • proxy stuff (name, version)
    • loadable stuff (dumpinfo)