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New features in fink 0.27

  • fink --build-as-nobody tries to build as user fink-bld instead of nobody, which is reserved by the OS.
  • Timeouts for sluggish/stalled downloads.
  • Validator detects deficient checking of some script return codes in .info files.
  • New in 0.27.2, add conditionals support to Shlibs and ConfFiles field (requires using BuildDepends: fink (>= 0.27.2) or higher).

Bug fixes in fink 0.27

  • Saner handling of virtual (Provides) packages directly from the fink command-line.
  • Better recovery when encountering an unprocessable .info file.
  • More reliable building perl-module packages (Type: perl passed -j1 in default InstallScript).
  • Improved detection of non-fink X11.
  • Safer management of communication between fink and apt-get.