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Updating Packages that Don't Belong to You

People with commits access may update a package for another maintainer without waiting to receive permission if any of the following are true:

  1. The update is being made for architecture-specific reasons when the listed maintainer doesn't have access to that particular platform and it doesn't break the package on the platform the maintainer does use.
  2. The update is of a manifestly trivial nature: e.g. new source URL, a typo in the dependency list, spelling errors in the description fields, etc.
  3. A week has elapsed without any communication from the maintainer to the mailing lists or the original complainant.

If you do update another maintainer's package this way please notify the maintainer. Not only is it polite, but some maintainers keep their packages under outside version control, so they'll probably clobber your changes on their next update if they don't know they need to merge them into their own.