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See also the patch tracker and bug tracker


  • Update docs: 0.25_new_documentation_needs
  • Shlibs needs work: AutoShlibs can wait
  • cirdan, drm: dist up
  • Module::Build can wait
  • prompt for confirmation before upgrading 'fink reinstall' to 'fink build'? don't care?
  • test FinkCommander patch for incremental indexing
  • x11 user vs. sdk issue


  • reevaluate fink --tree=stable list?
  • Shlibs index on-demand
  • Prohibit RFC-822 for Info3
  • Validator:
    • Complain about > and < in dependency versioning (in .info).
    • dmacks: complete overhaul of .deb (val-unpack branch)
    • InfoN validator patch vasi fixed it the way he likes it
  • RangerRick: 'fink build foo-1.0-1' where a .deb exists in the bindist for foo-1.0-1 and UseBinaryDist is true should build locally, not fetch from the bindist.
  • Info3: allow comment lines in pkglist fields?
Depends: <<
  #foo-shlibs,   foo is static-only right now
  • chown -h functionality during --build-as-nobody (use Command:chowname_hr?)
  • dmacks: overhaul buildlocks to go away more automatically and have a cleaner cleanup
    • vasi: just lock a file to indicate "this buildlock is in use", and then test if it's locked to see if it's safe to remove? (Note that the file we lock should NOT be part of the buildlock package--what if another Fink tries to cleanup stale locks just between installing it and locking it? It would have to be a separate file in %p/var or something.)
    • dmacks: Ayup, works well. Good idea!


    • Automatically do cleanup when embarking on a package installation or removal
  • dmacks: buildlock destruction
    • Checking via lock_wait and PreRm
    • Removal on build failure via Fink::Finally
  • remove line-number in SysState error
  • BuildConflicts breakage
  • chown_hR is still leaving nobody-owned links.
  • progress bar during indexing ("." every 100 .info processed or every 10% of set of .info processed?) —newbies to HEAD have complained index -f "has hung"...can take up to 5 minutes?