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New features in fink 0.25

  • SkipPrompts
    • Any more categories users would like?
  • Info3
    • Can indent nicely in .info files
    • No more support for RFC-822 multi-lines
    • Can put comments in pkglist fields
  • fast scanpackages with apt-ftparchive
  • auto-detection of country
  • Validator fixes:
    • detect InfoN property (should be wrapper)
  • New --trees option restricts fink to using .info files in the chosen tree(s).
  • New --maintainer mode
  • New --log-output and --logfile flags to save transcripts of package building process
  • Integrated scanpackages, including ability to not index restrictive packages.
  • reevaluate fink --tree=stable list
  • Validator:
    • Complain about > and < in dependency versioning (in .info).
    • dmacks: complete overhaul of .deb (val-unpack branch)
    • InfoN validator patch vasi fixed it the way he likes it
  • RangerRick: 'fink build foo-1.0-1' where a .deb exists in the bindist for foo-1.0-1 and UseBinaryDist is true should build locally, not fetch from the bindist.
  • Info3: allow comment lines in pkglist fields
Depends: <<
  #foo-shlibs,   foo is static-only right now
  • chown -h functionality during --build-as-nobody (use Command:chowname_hr?)
  • dmacks: overhaul buildlocks to go away more automatically and have a cleaner cleanup
    • Automatically do cleanup when embarking on a package installation or removal
  • dmacks: buildlock destruction
    • Checking via lock_wait and PreRm
    • Removal on build failure via Fink::Finally
  • remove line-number in SysState error
  • BuildConflicts breakage
  • chown_hR is still leaving nobody-owned links.
  • progress bar during indexing ("." every 100 .info processed or every 10% of set of .info processed?)—newbies to HEAD have complained index -f "has hung"...can take up to 5 minutes
  • alternate checksum algorithms

Bug fixes in fink 0.25

  • Fink no longer gets confused by debs in a local apt repository
  • When asking to choose mirrors, fink orders choices alphabetically properly, and presents a reasonable set of mirrors when the user asks for all those on a continent.
  • BuildConflicts should actually work
  • many more we've forgotten all about...