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See also new major features in releases 0.25, 0.26, 0.27, and 0.28

  • Info3/Info4
  • 'fink cleanup' (in fink.8 but need to add to web docs)
  • AutoShlibs
  • fast scanpackages with apt-ftparchive, including AutoScanpackages
  • SkipPrompts
  • --maintainer (in fink.8 but need to add to web docs)
  • remove old 'fink list --tree=foo' documentation, add 'fink --trees=foo,bar command'.
  • new DocFiles/Files abilities
    • Conditionals
    • subdirs/recursion
    • Mention the allowed wildcards that are used and useful (* ? (any others--curly-braces or square brackets?)) so we don't accidentally break useful existing functionality...conditionals interferes with some uses of curly-braces
    • Mention backtick scripts?
  • --log-output and --logfile (in fink.8 but need to add to web docs)
  • 'fink plugins' lists checksum algorithms